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Since 1993, our purpose has been to serve our clients in architecture, engineering, & design-based companies build stronger businesses so they can do their best work.

Our work supports those companies that create better built environments—architects, designers, and engineers that share our belief that great design has the capacity to improve our world.

The core of our work is to help our clients succeed. When we can help to make lasting improvements to your business, we also help to scale your contribution to society— to design places that matter, provide engaging jobs, stimulate economic growth in your communities, and achieve your firm’s ideal vision of the future.

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Greenway’s Expertise

We work with small firms and large; single offices and multi-office firms; start-ups and those firms on their 4th generation of leadership. It is our privilege to be able to help strengthen firms and navigate a wide range of business challenges. 


Succession & Transition

Greenway’s ownership transition and M&A practice group offers a suite of advisory and transaction services. 


Crisis Response Strategy

We are helping firms design COVID-19 crisis response strategies to make better decisions over multiple time horizons in a recovery. 


Spotlight Research

Leaders who focus on developing strategy in 10 transforming categories reap the benefits. The Winning Strategies of the ‘Best in Class’ are summarized in this

Organizational Health

Our proprietary assessment tools help identify the strength of business practices that drive performance. This provides a simple but powerful road map for leaders and managers to improve organizational health in multiple dimensions. 

Development Programs

Greenway programs help current and future AE leaders thrive in their roles. Most recently, our e-Workshops on  ‘New Approaches to Business Development’, provides ideas and action plans to accelerate BizDev success as project work has been increasingly competitive and unpredictable.

Tenets of our work

Greenway’s advisory work expresses our culture and values.

  •   Confidentiality, Candor, and Impartiality – Our confidential advisory work offers fresh perspectives, experienced insights, practical and  constructive recommendations.
  •   We Cut to the Chase FAST! – We approach complex business issues with creativity and provide practical roadmaps that aid efficient decision-making and drive measurable outcomes.
  •   Appreciation for Cultural Nuances – We believe that effective guidance must be grounded in a holistic understanding of each firm’s culture, history and the goals and aspirations of its current and future owners and leaders.
  •   Sector Specialists – We are familiar with the dynamics, advantages, and challenges associated with the business of design at AE firms, from start-up stage to those who have long history and multiple generations of ownership.

  •   Drawing on Deep Experience – Our work is informed by our original and independent research, our proprietary networks, and our market experience.
  •   Design Thinking – We apply design thinking and processes to help firms harness the transformative power of a well-designed firm.


Recent  Insights

Winning Strategies of Best in Class

Crisis Recovery Blueprint

New Business Development Strategies

How Can We Help You?

If you would like a senior member of Greenway’s team to contact you regarding our services,  drop us a message and we will contact you within one business day.


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