About Us

Greenway Group has served architecture + design based companies as trusted advisors and business management consultants since 1993.

Our work supports those companies that create better built environments—architects, designers, engineers, and building product manufacturers—as well as other types of companies that use design to improve our world. We also consult to educational institutions, and professional associations that share our belief that great design has the capacity to solve big wicked problems.

We work with small firms and large; single offices and multi-office firms; start-ups and those firms on their 4th generation of leadership. It is our privilege to be able to help them strenghten their firms and navigate a wide range of business challenges.

The core of our mission is to help our clients succeed. When we can help to make lasting improvements to a business, we also help to scale the firm's contribution to society— designing places that matter, providing engaging jobs, stimulating economic growth in their communities, and achieving the firm's ideal vision of the future.