Mergers + Acquisitions

Greenway Group's M+A practice group utilizes a holistic approach and offers a suite of strategic financial advisory and transaction services.

Demographics and industry trends are prompting leadership transitions in many organizations. This creates a rich environment for renewed visions and growth strategies. Greenway Group has extensive experience in representing buyers or sellers and constructing external and internal transition plans. Our strategic approach, our understanding of the industry, and unparalleled networks allow us to navigate internal ownership changes and external mergers & acquisitions to successful outcomes.

 "Greenway provided us with a confidential view into new market   opportunities we would have never uncovered ourselves, and their   independence and discretion allowed us to remain anonymous until   the time was right"  - mid-sized A&D Firm Owner/Buyer

Representing Buyers

Greenway Group is typically asked to identify potential acquisition candidates based on buyers’ unique criteria. Our tailored services vary substantially, ranging from identifying potential acquisition candidates to structuring and brokering the business deal. We excel in risk assessment and through our in depth research, less-compatible candidates are excluded early, and unproductive paths are avoided.

The process we use in assisting buyers includes:

  • Defining and aligning criteria for goals and parameters, then developing a short list of potential firms.
  • Communicating with targeted short-list firms via confidential letter, and after the buyer’s go-ahead, constructing a profile of interested targets. These strategic communications draw on Greenway Group’s unique networks and are specifically targeted to decision makers.
  • Executing the acquisition through creative structures, due diligence, determination of fair market value, and with legal and financial counsel.

Representing Sellers

Greenway Group’s sell-side practice provides market research, evaluates the seller’s marketability, and considers the most viable options to ensure success.   Our assignments are customized to the unique requirements of each seller. We profile each potential buyer, and then work with the seller in negotiations, deal structuring, purchase technicalities, and verification of fair market value.

Positioning a firm for optimum value is essential and can include:

  • Defining and aligning opportunity by assessing market position and potential.
  • Valuation and tax planning.
  • Designing a results-oriented marketing package for potential buyers.
  • Determining a communications plan and targeting buyers to reach decision makers.
  • Enhancing contact opportunities through a prospectus and arranging further discussions between buyer and seller.
  • Change Management, facilitate conflict resolution and advisory.


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