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Greenway Launches New Programs:  Three unique 'Mastering the Business of Design' Programs  are designed to meet the needs of three distinct phases of professional experience. 
 Read more here: Mastering the Business of Design 
Our unique retreats are designed and facilitated by Senior Principals easpecially for firm leadership (and developing) teams. These customized firm experiences are held at the world class Broadmoor Resort in Colorado and have received accolades from clients. 

What our clients have said:

Enhance Communication and Build Alignment “It was the shot in the arm we needed to discuss issues, re-align, create strategy, and receive useful feedback from Greenway in a confidential setting without the interruptions that characterize our internal meetings.”

Set Goals and Solve Problems: “Having Greenway as a trusted guide finally enabled us to breakthrough and create a vision for the future we could all agree on and a solid action plan.”

Develop Firm Succession Strategy: “Working through the pros and cons of selling the firm or moving forward with an internal transition plan in a blue sky supportive environment was literally a breath of fresh air for our partners.”

Strengthen Teams: “Our leadership retreat provided an ideal setting and a forum for our senior leaders to regain the spirit of teamwork the firm was founded on.”

Qualities of a Greenway Firm Leadership Retreat:

  • It’s personal - Highly customized, participatory, and engaging discussions and experience.
  • Provide insight -  Learn about the Best in Class business strategies to incorporate into your own firm’s culture.
  • Build skills - Develop an actionable plan to improve your ability to influence your team and drive results. 
  • Strengthen teams - You will have the opportunity to connect to your team in a unique environment without interruptions and internal distractions .
  • Have fun! - We incorporate time for a myriad of activities and make sure enjoyment is part of the program.   

Agendas for Greenway executive retreats are developed based upon your goals and are specifically limited to senior leader teams (from 2 to 20 people).

Our 2 day customized retreats are designed to provide executive teams with an opportunity for in-depth reflection, planning, and collaboration in an inspirational setting while building trust and rapport through a myriad of unique experiences including the famous Broadmoor ‘Fins’ zip lines, Cloud Camp aerie, world class spa, championship golf, fly fishing, cooking, and great wine and dine experiences.






For More Information and to create a Customized Retreat Agenda for your firm CONTACT GREENWAY 

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