Leadership Development

Talent is the chief competitive advantage of any design-based firm, and leadership talent is no exception.

Nurturing and developing existing as well as new leaders ensures that a firm develops and maintains a high-performance culture and clear direction for the future.

Our program of leadership development and training focuses on developing leaders who can bring about cultures that foster engagement and motivate teams. We facilitate Strengths Assessments for Individuals and Teams, Professional Presence and Presentation Skill training workshops, and help develop firm-wide strategic initiatives to engage and motivate. 

Four kinds of behavior account for 89 percent of leadership effectiveness.

  • Solving problems effectively. The process that precedes decision making is problem solving. This is deceptively difficult to get right, yet it is a key input into decision making for major issues (such as M&A) as well as daily ones (such as how to handle a team dispute).
  • Operating with a strong results orientation. Leadership is about not only developing and communicating a vision but also following through to achieve results. Leaders with a strong results orientation tend to emphasize the importance of efficiency and productivity and to prioritize the highest-value work.
  • Seeking different perspectives. This trait is conspicuous in leaders who grasp changes in the environment, encourage employees to contribute ideas that could improve performance, and accurately differentiate between important and unimportant issues.
  • Supporting others. Leaders who are supportive understand and sense how other people feel. By showing authenticity and a sincere interest in those around them, they build trust and inspire and help colleagues to overcome challenges.

Source: McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index

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