Operations Strategy

In order to achieve a state of operational excellence in which a firm's business organization and processes truly serve design, firm leaders must understand the vital importance of an operations plan that fits seamlessly into their overall strategy.

At Greenway Group, we help managers look comprehensively at their staffing, systems and processes in order to develop an operations strategy that helps support doing great work.

Evaluation and assessment

The first step in creating an optimized operations system is to evaluate and assess a firm's current approach against industry-wide benchmarks for comparable organizations. Frequently this process is illuminating for managers by revealing previously hidden inefficiencies, waste, and opportunities for improvement.

Goals and benchmark development

Though general principles and industry benchmarks can be helpful, each firm is different and requires a system that has been customized for its goals, business model and culture. Greenway can help firm managers create a set of goals and benchmarks that are designed with the firm's particular needs in mind.

Organization design

Armed with a customized set of goals and benchmarks, firms can then refine organization structure that is optimized for the way in which they conduct business. From staffing and leadership models to workflow processes, Greenway can help develop an organization that supports the creation of great design.

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