Our Practice Areas

We serve as trusted skilled advisors who focus on strengthening design-based businesses


Strategic Planning

Today’s AE firms require agile strategy which can adapt as market forces and other factors reveal themselves quickly and unexpectedly.

Business Development

Greenway’s business development services provide comprehensive support for AE firms that seek to develop best-of-class practices to win more work.

Succession Planning

Well-planned ownership transition allows owners to pass their firm’s legacy to a new generation of leaders.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We deliver the resources and experience and the advocacy of a trusted strategic advisor.

Firm Valuation

Greenway’s experience in the design, architecture, and engineering sectors provides us a unique understanding of the important drivers of your firm’s value.

Operations Performance

Operational excellence enables creativity and innovation to thrive.

Leadership Development

Greenway’s talent engagement services and leadership development programs leverage an unmatched body of research and experience.

Firm Governance

Sound governance practices and efficient organizational structures provide a flexible platform for smart growth.

Research & Market Studies

Market research is foundational to the design of a strong practice. Greenway’s research studies help firm leaders make better decisions.

Retreats & Speakers

Greenway offers leadership retreats, programs, and speakers to share our latest research and insights about the business of design.

[ Consulting Approach- Helping AE Firms to Succeed ]

We are ardent advocates for the transformative power of a well-designed firm and
the empowerment which thrives when the ‘business of design’ undergoes a
process of thoughtful periodic examination and renewal.

Trusted + Skilled Advisors

Greenway’s senior consultants serve as trusted, skilled advisors and we focus
exclusively on strengthening design-based businesses.  We provide comprehensive
management consulting services that will help guide your firm in the decades to come.
We understand that each firm is unique, and our advice and recommendations are
customized to each firm’s culture and individual circumstances. Recommendations
simply for the sake of change should never masquerade as sound strategic business

Our clients seek our insights, research, and analyses on a wide array of issues:

 “How do we stay relevant in the face of the rapid change in the world and our
 How are we performing relative to other similar firms?
 How should our business development efforts adapt to a post-pandemic
environment? Does our messaging need to change?
 We are not sure what our clients really think about our services and fees.  How
can we get candid feedback to improve our practice?
 Should I sell my firm or pass it on to employees? Can my junior partners afford to
buy the firm? Should we consider forming an ESOP? How do I maximize the
value of my firm?
 How can we best position our firm for a merger?
 Prior valuations of our firm have not been well understood and are not intuitive,
what is the true value of my firm?
 How can we find the best acquisition without settling for firms that just happen to
be ‘on the market’ at the moment?
 How should we leverage new technologies in service to great design?
 How do we engage with our clients to address their increasingly complex business
 Competitors are poaching our best people. We invest in training people and then
they leave the firm.  How do we engage new top talent?
 What new types of skills should we be hiring? Are our culture, compensation and
benefits competitive?
 How can we research new markets and sectors or target key accounts?
 Our offices get siloed and do not share resources well. How do we capitalize on a
multi-office structure without losing our legacy culture?
 We have lots of great ideas and enthusiasm, but we don't gain traction and we
often fail to follow through on key initiatives.”


If these are questions you have asked or issues on which you would like
further insight, contact Greenway for more information.

[ Greenway Group – Foresight for the Business of Design]

A word about ‘Foresight’…

Foresight implies prescience or omniscience, being right or having the wisdom to know the
future.  At Greenway, we prefer to think of foresight as a business framework for how to think
about the future, exert leadership under uncertainty, and how to turn risk, volatility, and change
into a competitive advantage. Foresight is a way of thinking about and designing the future.

Greenway’s Edge

Greenway Principal’s Roundtable – Our clients receive the benefit of our senior 
principals’ collective knowledge and expertise in every engagement.  Greenway
Principals convene regular internal discussions in order to capture our diversified
spectrum of professional experience in AEC practice, marketing, operations,
organizational design, and financial management.

We believe this peer review and far reaching discussion helps us to avoid blind spots or
biases and serves to calibrate and validate both our quantitative research findings and
our qualitative recommendations to clients.

5 Advantages that Serve our Clients

1. We Cut to the Chase, Fast! – We add value when we can quickly define and
break down business problems into component parts and offer a range of
approaches to solutions which fit a firm’s culture and resource strengths.

2. Efficient Tools and Methods – Greenway uses as array of proprietary tools
and analyses to help us efficiently capture feedback and organize it within
usable frameworks.

3. Expertise in the Practice of Design – Our principals are accomplished
business professionals with hands on experience as design professionals
and firm leaders.  We understand the complex challenges of building firms
and the drive to create great work that motivates staff and enriches

4. In-Depth Research – Our on-going research on business issues such as
compensation, financial benchmarks, firm valuation, and trends informs and
supports our work.

5. Networks and Continuous Learning – Our robust network provides us
with insight into how firms operate successfully. Greenway Group Principals
stay on the cutting edge of business management education
through continuous work at leading business management schools in the


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