Firm Governance

Sound governance practices and structures are foundational to engage stakeholders and demonstrate strong leadership.

[ Firm Governance ]

Our consulting work with your governing board is designed to help strengthen the team’s decision making processes, stay focused and responsive to stakeholders, and provide the firm with clarity on the firm’s purpose and strategy.  All are unique responsibilities of an effective board. 


Organizational Structure, board structure, and best practices


Role clarity among shareholders, principals, and the board


Board training, performance assessments, and on-boarding


Flexible shareholder agreements


Leadership skills development workshops


Coaching, leadership advisory services and decision support

[Board Practices ]

High performing firms invest in developing clear and aligned governance
practices and expectations

The Unique Role of the Board

A governing body plays an essential unique role in ensuring the longevity of a business.  When Boards tell us that their governing process is not working well it often is a result of  diluting focus from longer term strategic issues to immediate  operational concerns.

Greenway has expertise in helping firm leaders align their Boards’ focus and priorities in order to leverage their  unique fiduciary and  ethical role to  ‘direct and protect’ the firm.

Greenway’s Board Services:

Board Assessment & Reviews

Board Charters

Best Board Practices

Establish Director Criteria

On-Boarding New Directors

Establish Decision Making Authorities

Election Process Facilitation

Policy Relevance Reviews


[ Organizational Structure ]

Firm organizational structure must reflect and reinforce the firm’s long-term
vision, values, and desired culture

Alternative Business Structures

We help firms to efficiently and methodically delineate and weigh the pros and cons of
alternative business structures and organizational forms and the interrelated impacts on
staffing, leadership models, and workflow processes.

Armed with a customized set of goals and benchmarks, an organization can then refine
organization structure that is optimized for the way in which they conduct business.
Greenway helps simplify owners’ consideration of the interrelated financial, tax, and legal
elements of alternative corporate structures including personal corporations, C-
corporations, S-corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, and ESOPs.

We have advised many ESOP-based AE
practices and we are familiar with the
special cultural, structural and valuation
nuances of ESOPs.

We frequently serve as a team leader to integrate and interpret the advice and
recommendations received from the firm’s tax, accounting, human resource, and legal
advisors in order to design and implement an agile and resilient organizational structure.


Greenway can help your firm to strengthen its governance practices in service to helping you deliver great design.

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