Leadership Development

Greenway’s talent engagement development programs
leverage an unmatched body of research and experience.

[ Talent Engagement Strategies ]

Great leaders and successful businesses go hand in hand.

Great Leaders

 Effective leaders are essential to create a compelling firm vision and achieve success.                                      Our work is designed to strengthen the skills within leadership teams to create and successfully execute strategy.  Research and experience have taught us that developing the strengths of people and taking time for periodic reflection must be viewed as a best practice. 

Companies that invest in their leaders—both current and future—reap the long-term
benefits of a healthy organization. We provide learning opportunities for developing
leaders guided by our proprietary assessment tools and key performance metrics for
evaluating current leadership skills.

Training and development is a invaluable tool to engage the talent required to create and deliver great design.
We excel at culture and talent assessment and development using our proprietary LEAP (Leadership |
Empowerment | Accountability | Performance) analysis.

From small architecture firms to large construction companies; professional design associations to corporate design divisions of Fortune 500 organizations—firms and organizations of all sizes have benefited from our talent engagement services.

Our Talent Engagement Services Include:


Culture Evaluation and Development.


Recruitment and Retention Strategy Plans.


Compensation and Merit Strategies and Structures


Advising all parties about common mistakes made during ownership transitions and discussing how to anticipate and avoid them.


Small-Group Retreats, Customized Training Programs and Workshops

[ Executive Compensation ]

We believe that performance should be the main determinant of rewards for every employee, top to bottom.

Understanding  Incentives 

Greenway Group is particularly well-known for its specialty in executive compensation
planning. We regularly assist successful organizations in determining appropriate
incentive compensation plans that are based on objective marketplace metrics. We help
you design the right compensation model for your company and culture.

We maintain up-to-the-minute data on compensation plans for equity and non-equity
partners, principals, and executives as well as staff positions. We also provide objective
third-party review and evaluation of leadership candidates who are under consideration
for promotion.

Greenway’s compensation studies, along with the historical and trend data, provides
insight to our clients to establish appropriate compensation levels for all roles within their

Our compensation strategy services include:


Peer surveys


Salary and benefit assessment and planning


Meritocracy system installation


Executive leadership compensation consultation and decision support

[ LEADERSHIP Development Programs ]

Are Your Firm Leaders Ready for Everything?

Greenway Leadership Development Resources Include:


Strategic advisory and executive coaching


Off-site small group retreats


Customized single-firm workshops


Virtual e-workshops

Whatever the future holds, your team needs to be flexible and ready to respond.

AE firm leadership teams are constantly evolving.  Leaders cite the ongoing need to
strengthen their future leader’s business management and entrepreneurial
expertise. Contextualized leadership development provides current and newly minted
leadership teams with the tools they need to lead through variable market conditions and
a changing competitive landscape.

Talent is the chief competitive advantage of any design-based firm, and leadership
talent is no exception.

Focus Training on What Matters Most:

 The targeted skills in our Leadership Development programs account for 89 percent of leadership effectiveness. (Source: McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index)

1. Solving problems effectively. The process that precedes decision making is
problem solving. This is deceptively difficult to get right, yet it is a key input into
decision making for major issues (such as M&A) as well as daily ones (such as
how to handle a team dispute).

2. Operating with a strong results orientation. Leadership is about not only
developing and communicating a vision but also following through to achieve
results. Leaders with a strong results orientation tend to emphasize the
importance of efficiency and productivity and to prioritize the highest-value work.

3. Seeking different perspectives. This trait is conspicuous in leaders who grasp
changes in the environment, encourage employees to contribute ideas that could
improve performance, and accurately differentiate between important and
unimportant issues.

4. Supporting others. Leaders who are supportive understand and sense how
other people feel. By showing authenticity and a sincere interest in those around
them, they build trust and inspire and help colleagues to overcome challenges.

Leadership Development Programs


Strategic Advisory and Executive Coaching

Coaching is a relationship that requires collaboration, trust, and mutual

The focus and direction taken during our work is based on the executive’s
expressed interests, goals, and objectives. We work confidentially with a
“transformational” focus to help you strengthen and develop leadership and
business management skills.

A key role we serve as a coach is as an informed yet independent sounding
board. Our observations and critique are inherent during the process and are
given thoughtfully but candidly.

Our executive coaching focuses on strength-based development and growth:
leadership effectiveness, communications, competency in key business skills,
and goal setting for the firm.


Master the Business of Design Workshops

Greenway’s ‘Master the Business of Design’ workshops help current and
future leaders develop their business and management expertise to thrive.

Greenway’s Mastering the Business of Design Programs are offered at the
Broadmoor Hotel & Resort situated at the base of Cheyenne Mountain in
Colorado Springs.

These 2-day workshops are held several times per year and provide an
interactive, customized immersive learning experience that promotes learning and
the exchange of ideas. The private, small group setting enables participants to
interact with peers from other firms who are facing similar challenges and


Customized Single-Firm Workshops 

Our single-firm, in-house programs offer a year-round option for firms
seeking a unique learning experience for their current and future leaders.

A custom program ensures a uniform learning experience for your entire
leadership team and gives us the opportunity to tailor the curriculum to your firm’s
needs in a focused and confidential setting.

Workshops can be conducted in-house (at your firm) or using virtual formats.
Workshops agendas are customized for specific leadership team needs.
Participants can include those in leadership roles as managers, sr. associates,
directors, new and sr. principals, partners, executive management teams, and
governance boards (or your firm’s equivalent titles).


Distance Learning e-Workshops 

Greenway offers a variety of development programs created specifically for
distance learning and remote teams.

Each virtual workshop concentrates on exploring the latest thinking and practices
surrounding a critical building block of successful firm management.

Our e-workshops are structured as confidential, single-firm experiences typically
lasting 3 hours each. Workshops are facilitated by Greenway’s senior
consultants and we limit each group to a maximum of ten participants to ensure
interaction and personalized attention.

Greenway’s e-workshops distill our experience into an easy to access format that
minimize logistical challenges. These cost-effective forums help to foster team
engagement and deliver practical action steps.

Our most recent e-workshop, New Approaches to Business Development,
explores how firms are adapting their business development strategy to respond
to the shifting needs and expectations of both existing and prospective clients. in a mid and post pandemic environment.

New ideas and approaches to business development at AE firms are emerging
and can be a powerful organizational tool to help accelerate recovery and drive
growth as our rapidly changing world amplifies competitive pressures amid
changing client demand.

Learn about Greenway’s ‘New Approaches to Business Development’ e-Workshop
designed in response to the impact of the pandemic crisis on AE firms’ project

Greenway can help your firm enhance talent development and engagement.

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