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Greenway’s talent engagement and development programs
leverage an unmatched body of research and experience.

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“The task of leadership is to get their people from where they are to where they have not been.”                                                                   -Henry Kissinger

Reaching Business-Leadership Potential in a Time of Change

These are unusual times. The past year has caused many design firms and their staff professionals to reflect on their purpose and career goals. If you count your team members among this group, you’re in good company. You may also be ready to take the next steps to helping them reach their ultimate professional goals, whether that involves making strides in a current role or ascending a company’s hierarchy. But these are not steps that will be reached by osmosis—or even, necessarily, by showing up to work every day, no matter your talent or work ethic.

Our Leadership Development work is designed to strengthen the skills within leadership teams and among emerging leaders to create and successfully execute strategy.  Companies that invest in their leaders—both current and future—reap the long-term benefits of a sustainable and engaging organization.



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Are Your Firm Leaders Ready for Everything?

Greenway Leadership Development Resources Include:


Strategic advisory and executive coaching


Off-site small group retreats


Customized single-firm workshops


Virtual e-workshops

Coaching and Development


Coaching is a relationship that requires collaboration, trust, and mutual design. 

 Our executive coaching focuses on strength-based development and growth,  leadership effectiveness, communications, competency in key business skills, and goal setting for the firm.  

 In addition to one-on-one coaching we conduct workshops for leadership teams and emerging leaders. 

Greenway’s ‘Master the Business of Design’ workshops help current and  future leaders develop their business and management expertise and thrive in their roles.  

Greenway’s Mastering the Business of Design Programs are offered at the
Broadmoor Hotel & Resort situated at the base of Cheyenne Mountain in
Colorado Springs.

These 2-day workshops are held several times per year and provide an
interactive, customized immersive learning experience that promotes learning and
the exchange of ideas. The private, small group setting enables participants to
interact with peers from other firms who are facing similar challenges and

Virtual e-Workshops 

Greenway offers a variety of development programs created specifically for
distance learning and virtual teams.

Each virtual workshop concentrates on exploring the latest thinking and practices
surrounding a critical building block of successful firm management.

Structured as confidential, single-firm experiences, workshops are facilitated by Greenway’s senior consultants.

Greenway’s e-workshops distill our experience into an easy to access format that
minimize logistical challenges. These cost-effective forums help to foster team
engagement and deliver practical action steps.

Our most recent e-workshop, New Approaches to Business Development,
explores how firms are adapting their business development strategy to respond
to the shifting needs and expectations of both existing and prospective clients. in our current and  post pandemic environment.

Learn about Greenway’s ‘New Approaches to Business Development’ e-Workshop
designed in response to the impact of the pandemic crisis on AE firms’ project

Greenway can help your firm enhance talent development and engagement.

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