Strategic Planning

… the road map to achieving results and sustained growth.

[ Strategic Planning ]

Today’s AE firms require agile strategy which can adapt as
market forces and other factors reveal themselves quickly
and unexpectedly.

Our Approach

The shortcoming of a traditional approach to strategic planning is the tendency to ‘set it and forget it’. We help  to create and implement “adaptive” strategies which are resilient and responsive to increasingly complex and changing market conditions.

An adaptive plan is ongoing. It can be created and modified to continually assess opportunities, prioritize resources, and evaluate risk while promoting accountability at all levels of the organization. The result is a flexible strategic plan that can be embraced and adopted throughout the firm.

Greenway’s strategic advice is founded on the careful consideration of cultural nuances, the thoughtful design of communication plans encompassing all stakeholders, and the crafting of comprehensive integration activities.

Once the Strategic Plan is determined, we use proprietary tools and techniques to help ensure that strategic initiatives gain traction. Working in tandem, strategy and implementation enable leadership teams to leverage the value of an agile planning process to generate energy to accomplish goals and to build long term value.

Strategy services include:


Scenario Planning and Facilitation


Strategy Plan Design and Workshop Facilitation


Implementation Planning and Engagement Mechanisms


Periodic Reviews and Risk Assessments


Dashboards to Measure and Benchmark Results


Frameworks for Accountability Tied to Performance

[ Scenario Planning and Crisis Strategy ]

Exploring alternative business scenarios and formulating action-
oriented contingency plans over multiple time horizons are fundamental practices to ensure financial resilience and sustain a healthy firm when a crisis hits.

Scenario Planning and Crisis Strategy

Our work during the COVID-19 crisis has generated an array of strategies to respond to the economic disruption.  Drawing on our recent research, discussions with AE firm leaders and other business leaders, as well as broader business and academic studies, Greenway has created guidance and insight to guide a way forward.

Our crisis centered work is focused on protecting your firm’s staying power by stabilizing and growing project business. This requires a shift in the interrelated elements of business development strategy and operational plans. 

Greenway can help your firm create a strategic roadmap for results.

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