Our approach to consulting is unique.

Greenway Principal's Roundtable- Our clients receive the benefit of our principals' collective knowledge and expertise in every engagement. Greenway Principals convene regular internal discussions in order to capture our diversified spectrum of professional experience in AEC practice, marketing, operations, organizational design, and financial management.

We believe this peer review and far reaching discussion helps us to avoid blind spots or biases and serves to calibrate and validate both our quantitative research findings and our qualitative recommendations to clients.

Greenway’s EDGE - 5 unique advantages that serve our clients
  1. We Cut to the Chase, Fast!- We add value when we can quickly define and break down business problems into component parts and offer a range of approaches to solutions which fit a firm’s culture and resource strengths.
  2. Tools and Methods-  Greenway uses as array of proprietary tools and analyses to help us efficiently capture feedback and organize it within a coherent framework.
  3. Expertise in the practice of design - Our principals are accomplished successful business men and women who have had hands on experience as design professionals.  We understand the drive to create great work that motivates a firm.
  4. Ongoing Research- Our on-going research on business issues such as compensation, financial benchmarks, firm valuation, and trends informs and supports our work.
  5. Networks and continuous learning- Our robust network provides us with insight into how firms operate successfully. Greenway Group Principals stay on the cutting edge of business management education through continuous work at leading business management schools in the U.S.