Assessment Tools

The tools we use to define business issues, design an analysis, and interpret results help firm leaders make informed decisions.

“What makes this organization tick?” Leaders who ask that question are really asking for insight about their organizational cultures–insight to help them create an inspiring vision, strategic direction; introduce successful change initiatives; or develop a more engaged and effective workforce. 

Greenway has developed effective evaluation tools and organizing principles to facilitate our understanding of a firm's strengths, weaknesses, culture in all of the functional areas of a practice. 


LEAP (Leadership | Empowerment | Accountability | Performance) - LEAP is one of several assessment instruments we use to gain insight from firm stakeholders.  LEAP was developed by Greenway Group together with leading member firms of the Design Futures Council at the World Design Forum in London in1997 and continually updated.  We use an analytical methodology to gauge key indicator strength and prevailing culture.  

LEAP has been used with thousands of individuals in many hundreds of firms over the past 25 years. Greenway has a robust historical data base to benchmark results for comparative purposes. 

LEAP's power comes from its ability to capture a comprehensive view of organizational performance and culture from a variety of perspectives: leaders, team, and other stakeholders. 


The Design Enterprise Model

The Design Enterprise Model 

The Design Enterprise Model , developed by Greenway, serves as an organizing framework for balancing the drivers of an effective design practice. Within this model the functional areas of a firm are assessed and are optimized to support the creation of great work.  


  • Leadership - provides future vision and strategy, leadership skill, and a sound governance structure
  • Market Development - those activities that are devoted to getting the work
  • Operations – lays the groundwork for success including tools, and processes that support doing the work
  • Professional services - the talents of the firm to produce a specific  practice and service mix
  • Finance – rewards, assessing risk, and managing assets to ensure strategic goals can be met

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